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Braided Pastry School Fundraising

When you want to raise money for your sports, field trips, yearbooks, or prom, get results with braided pastry school fundraising.  Kansas Maid™ Braided Pastries are made in a nut-free facility. We are MCM Fundraising, and we are a leading school fundraising company in the northeast. We provide high quality, locally made frozen products from… Read More

Happy Easter

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RI School Fundraising

Spring sports will be getting underway, and in RI school fundraising provides vital resources for our students. Sports programs, class trips, and music and art enrichment are expensive and not likely to be covered by existing budgets. For creative, successful school fundraising programs that work equally well in East Providence, Jamestown and Coventry, turn to… Read More

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

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Spring School Fundraising Manchester CT

It is school fundraising time – again. You know you have to organize school sports fundraising – why not maximize your profits? If you select MCM Fundraising as your partners, you will have a great selection of Programs featuring products folks love! With MCM Fundraising we make fundraising fun and easy for all students of… Read More

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Spring School Fundraising RI

Call MCM Fundraising to help your committees coordinate your Rhode Island spring school fundraising campaigns. MCM will help you maximize your team’s efforts, publicize your drive, and get more sales to support your cause. MCM makes the process simple to understand and easy to sell. Fund Raising builds character in your elementary and high school students…. Read More

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Spring School Fundraising CT

MCM Fundraising can help your committee coordinate your spring school fundraising campaigns. In a few short weeks we will be looking at spring sports programs. Because there are activities ahead that are expensive for the kids, it is essential to raise money for end of the year. There are end of the year School Field Trips,… Read More

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Fund Raising for RI Elementary Schools

Group Fundraising Programs for Schools in RI School administrators find they have to do more with smaller budgets, and fundraising is needed to provide essentials all over Rhode Island. Unless money is raised, students are losing essentials such as arts, music programs, sports equipment, computers, uniforms, activities and more. Twenty-one school districts will receive less… Read More

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Fund Raising for CT Elementary Schools

Group Fundraising Programs for Schools in CT In Connecticut, fundraising in elementary schools are being used to supplement school budgets. Due to the many budgetary shortfalls, money needs to be raised to supply students with supplies, books and activities. In October the Governor Malloy signed a 2-year spending plan that will result slashing funds to most… Read More